Welcome to the website of Beatrice V, her poems have appeared in the United Kingdom and Canada, in Blithe Spirit -Journal of the British Haiku Society, Ascent Aspirations and Magna Poets in the USA, and a number of other anthologies, as well as online. She also reads on open mic nights, mostly at AMBIT events, at the Bath House in Soho. My webpage http://www.owlnight.com

  • Poetry for a Night Owl
    Some examples of  Beatrice V's poetry.
    Free verse, sonnets, haiku, tanka, senryu and misc.
  • The Four Seasons of Haiku
    Contributing writer.
    Bringing together the Seasonal Haiku blogs under The Four Seasons of Haiku, a community of haiku poets recording and sharing their experiences of the seasons,  in haiku, tanka, haiga and haibun: Autumn  ~   Winter   ~   Spring  ~    Summer